About Us

Rolls Roids Is a fast, reliable  pharmacy that focuses mostly on sales of anabolic steroids, Human Growth Hormone, fat burners, anti-estrogens and testosterone recovery medicines.

The best part of Rolls Roids is, it gets roids from pharmacies direclty as it has connections to participants from different  source countries. And also has the capability of sending from the source countries which pharmacy grade products are accesible


Using roids safely

As anabolic steroids may be harmful when not used properly, we will always assure our customers about helping them while using roids to avoid side effects. This will lead to highest-effect, lowest-side effect usage of steroids. And we will also make up cycles according to your personal needs.


Highest quality-low range of meds

Most roid selling web sites offer a incredible variety of different products, including some lower-quality products.  Our aim is to offer a smaller variety of products which are highest quality, especially focusing on pharmacy products when we can get them.



You can feel free tol ab-test any of our products, we have a policy of returning money and paying the lab-test cost if any product fails lab-test. That’s why we are the best.


Why do we have minimum order limit?

As withdrawing a payment and preparing a shipping requires a serious amount of time, we have to put a minimum order limit (100€)  to be able to prepare less shippings during high seasons when a lot of orders are made.