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*Regular Primobolan is from our stock and these new Rimobolan is the new lote of pharmacy grade Primobolan. 

Manufacturer: Bayer

Substance: Methelonone

Package: 1 amp of 100mg


Primobolan Depot (methonolone enanthate) is regularly of enthusiasm to starting steroid clients and some of the time to accomplished clients. The principal inquiry to consider is truly not pharmacological however one of mass trading. More often than not for any given level of impact, Primobolan is a strangely lavish decision. What's more for most clients, there is no extraordinary profit picked up from its utilization. As needs be, most accomplished steroid clients do exclude it in their steroid cycle arranging. 

Primobolan Depot Not a "Weak" Steroid 

That said, in opposition to normal supposition, Primobolan truly is not a frail steroid, at any rate not on a milligram for milligram premise. It surely is not powerless as far as anabolic impact versus symptoms. It is a decent entertainer in these respects. Notwithstanding, in light of the fact that the oil solvency of methenolone enanthate is just direct, arrangements are commonly of just 100 mg/ml. This can give a mental impression of not being as solid a compound as more focused items. 

An alternate likely explanation behind saw shortcoming is that it is frequently utilized for anabolic steroid cycles which deliberately are exceptionally preservationist. Case in point, an excellent novice cycle is 400 mg/week Primobolan as the main steroid utilized. Obviously, this does not give amazing increases. Anyhow of course none, of these does 400 mg/week testosterone! 

With most anabolic steroids or anabolic steroid stacks, aggregate utilize needs to be no less than 500 mg/week and all the more ideally 700-1000 mg/week before a cycle is prone to be exceptionally viable. This standard is the same when Primobolan is utilized as the sole anabolic steroid or as a feature of an execution upgrading stack (consolidation of medications.)